• Sand Fest gets a K10m boost from MGB

    Sand Fest gets a K10m boost from MGB

  • Promoting Responsible Gambling

    Promoting Responsible Gambling

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    Download the 2018 Annual Report

  • Corporate Social Investment

    Corporate Social Investment

Ensuring a dynamic, vibrant and well regulated gaming and lottery industryGaming brings meaningful economic benefits to the country

The Malawi Gaming Board was established to regulate gaming; control and license gaming premises; to impose and collect tax on gaming; and further to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. (Cap no. 47:03 of the Laws of Malawi). The Malawi Gaming Board established under the Gaming Act No. 26 of 1996, as amended in 1998 as a statutory body has, in terms of section 4, powers to: Issue licenses, vary, or, for good cause, suspend or cancel the licences. Inquire into complaints against licensees. Subject to any general or special direction by the Minister, regulate its own procedure. Authorize the Chief Executive Officer and other Officers of the Board to exercise on its behalf, at any time when it is not meeting, such powers as it may specify.

The National Lotteries Board was created by the Lotteries Act (Cap. 47:02 of the Laws of Malawi) to regulate the national and all other lotteries so as to ensure that players are treated fairly, protect the nation’s interest in the lotteries and motivate operators to maximize the enjoyment and benefits that the lottery brings to the nation. The Board’s responsibilities as governed by the Act are to ensure that the National Lottery is run with all due propriety, ensure that the interests of every participant in the lottery are protected and subject to these two duties, to do its best to secure that the proceeds of the National Lottery are as great as possible.

Gambling Responsibly

Gambling should be for leisure and entertainment. Although problem gambling has not been a concern amongst our people, it is reasonable to assume that as the gaming industry grows and advances, it brings about both good and adverse impacts. The gaming law clearly prohibits participation of children in gaming activities. Equally, the remaining part of our society requires protection against irresponsible gambling.